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Smart Water Quality Detector| TDS EC Salt Temp Ph S.G | WiFi Tuya Smart Life

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  • Over Voltage | Under Voltage | Over Current Limit | Earth Leakage – adjustable values trip feature
  • Smart Switch Isolator 63A, 230VAC | Energy Monitor or Power Consumption | WiFi Tuya Smart Life

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Brand: Henrac Tech

Smart WiFi Intelligent Water Quality Analyser. This product offers real-time and historical data logging of the most important aspects related to Water Quality. Offers both WiFi and Bluetooth connection functionality, you can save, download and share:

  1. PH
  2. TDS
  3. EC
  4. Salinity
  5. SG
  6. Temperature

The product can be mounted on the wall with a suction cup, so no need to hold it by hand, more convenient.is professional for testing the water quality of storage tank, drinking water, swimming pool, fishpond, aquarium, fish tank, aquarium, hydroponics, mariculture, borehole, river system or farm dam etc.

Simply, ‘*Wire, Configure and Play’.


  1. Model: HT-W990
  2. PH: 0.00-14.00 pH
  3. TDS: 0-19990ppm; 0-199.0ppt
  4. EC: 0-19000us/cm; 0-199.0ms/cm
  5. Salt: 0-199.9 ppt; 0%-20%
  6. SG: 0.990-1.400
  7. Temperature measuring range: 0°C-50.0°C; 32°F-122°F


  • WiFi connection: download the APP to view the current and historical data abnormal high and low alarm data, etc. on the mobile phone 9. Bluetooth APP real-time viewing: data recording for a long time to facilitate comparison and analysis and formulate solutions.
  • Real-time data transmission: you can view daily, weekly and monthly data, easily grasp the water quality.
  • APP alarm settings: create a smart scene in Tuya APP, set the security range. And select the alarm method, outside the safe range, send notification reminder.
  • High precision probes: corrosion resistance, long service life, good responsibility, quick response and more stable data.
  • Personal setting: you can set your own alarm value and recording frequency and so on.
  • Wide range of application: can be widely used for storage tanks, drinking water, swimming pool, fishpond, laboratory, aquarium, fish tank, aquarium, hydroponics.


Typical Uses (but not limited too)

  • Monitor and manage overall Water Quality. Via the Tuya Smart Home ‘automation’ function you can also take various actions based on thresholds, meaning switch other Tuya smart devices ON/or OFF. You can also for example use our smart Fish Feeder to add small volumes of required chemicals.


What’s in the Box?

1x Smart Water Quality Meter

1x Instruction Manual


Home Automation made Smart, Simple and Affordable via the Tuya, SmartLife App (Android or IOS),  offering the fastest, most stable platform and widest range of Smart Products. Supports Alexa Echo Dot, Google Home and IFTTT and more….

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