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Smart Switch 30A with 433Mhz Remote Control Option | WiFi Tuya Smart Life

  • Home Automation has never been this Smart, Simple or Affordable with the Tuya SmartLife solution for your Home, Office or Factory.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google home and supports IFTTT on the Fastest and most Stable Platform available.
  • Complete ‘timer control’ over your geyser or any appliances from ANYWHERE via your mobile phone or simply your voice.
  • Configure and Schedule activation dates, days of the week, ON/OFF times, duration ect.
  • Optional 433Mhz Long range remote control -1000m LOS
  • Smart WiFi Geyser Control & Pool & Heat Pump Switch 30A (6.6KW), Tuya SmartLife app.

R450.00 incl.

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Smart WiFi Switch 30A – 46.6KW, Tuya SmartLife with 433Mhz remote control feature. Remote control is sold separately.

This High Current load Basic 20A Smart WIFI switch can be used to make any appliance or device that uses a mains input of 230V ‘Smart’. Smart Home switch 30A or 6,600Watts Controller. Offers you full control of your pool pump or geyser etc. Configure the ON/OFF times of day and run times and days of the week all via the free Tuya SmartLife app.

No need for complicated wiring and timer controls – Simply, ‘Wire, Configure -> Done’.

This switch is also capable of switching via a long range 433Mhz remote control (purchased separately). If you require the same specification switch without the 433Mhz remote control option then [click here].

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Switch and Remote are sold separately due to the fact that 1 Remote can control up to 4x individual switches so you have the option to purchase a maximum of 4 switches per single 4Ch remote. Switch and/or Remote must be purchased separately as 2 items. you need only purchase 1 remote for every 4 switches.

To Buy Remote controls [click here]

Home Automation made Smart, Simple and Affordable via the Tuya, SmartLife App installed on your Cell Phone (Android or IOS), offering the fastest, most stable platform and widest range of Smart Products. Supports Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.

The Smart home switch 30A is a great way to make any appliance or device, ‘Smart’.

‘HOW TO’ YOUTUBE VIDEO [click here]

What devices can presently be Smart Automated with Tuya – To View our Range of Smart Product? [click here]

Product Features

  • Small and Compact design – high current. Wire, Configure and Play.
  • Activation dates, days of the week, start time and duration can all be pre-configured via the Smartlife application giving you complete remote control and ON/Off overwrite.
  • Supports Voice Commands and also AI units such as Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home solution.
  • All your Smart Devices connected via a Single stable Platform been the Smart Life app from Tuya.
  • The entire SmartLife system performance replies on an ‘adequate WIFI’ (2.4GHz only) signal.
  • NEW!! a Long Range – 1000m 433MHz remote control for this 30A switch is available [click here]


Typical Uses (but not limited too)

  • Smart Switching of any high current device or appliance that requires current up to 30A (6600W)
  • Pool Pump Smart Controller
  • Geyser Smart Switch Controller


HOW TO Pair the 433Mhz remote

  • Connect your input 230VAC and output to the 16A smart switch.
  • Press the button on the remote (A, B, C or D) you wish to pair fast 4 times.
  • The switch will now be paired to the remote as ‘latching mode’. One click = ON another click =OFF.
  • You can now also connect the switch to the Smart Life via your cell Phone as per above video.
  • Repeat using other buttons to pair additional switches as required.
  • To remove all remote programming fast push the relevant button 8 times.


Enclosures / Housing

  • Need a IP66 Waterproof Enclosure or Housing for the switch? [click here]



  • Electrical: 85-265VAC
  • Power Rating : 30A max, 6,600W
  • Product dimensions:110 x 56 x 35mm
  • Material: White ABS (Fire-retardant)
  • Wireless Frequency: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Operating Temperature: -10ºC – 50ºC
  • Free App: Tuya or Tuya Smart Home
  • Remote Control Frequency: 433.92Mhz


What’s in the Box?

1x Tuya Smart Switch 30A
1x Instruction Manual


Additional information

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Tuya Smartlife


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