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Smart Loadshedding Detector | Eskom Utility Power Present Sensor | WiFi Tuya SmartLife

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  • Smart Loadshedding Detector | Eskom Utility Power Present Sensor | WiFi Tuya SmartLife

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Power Detector Smart Loadshedding Detector | Eskom Utility Power Present ON/OFF Sensor | WiFi Tuya SmartLife

This unit will detect when you are loadshedding and allow you to automate smart actions such as switching off your Inverter/UPS load, Geyser, Stove and any other devices you require to be switched during a loss of utility mains power.

See additional images for connection diagram.

Typical uses:

  • Backup Batteries – extend life cycle by 50%
    • All batteries (inverter, UPS etc.) have a limited lifecycle with regards to the total number of discharges (cycles) per expected battery life. While Lithium-Ion (lifepo4) batteries have a higher number than sealed lead acid, gel or carbon they all have a limited number. Loadshedding often occurs during hours when your automated  backup inverter /UPS system is NOT really required. e.g 17h00 – 08h00 for office. By adding a smart circuit breaker [click here] or smart switch [click here] you can switch off the load during these un-necessary hours and save up to +200 cycles per annum and thereby greatly extend the life expectancy of you batteries. * Note only one input of this controller and the smart breaker/ switch must remain connected to your backup power at all times
  • Switch OFF devices during Loadshedding
    • You can choose to switch off any ‘high load’ devices such as geyser, stoves, pool pump and plugs etc. (any devices can be toggled meaning switched OFF or ON as required)
  • Switch ON devices during Loadshedding
    • In conjunction with switching OFF high load devices you can also opt to switch ON low current devices.

This unit has been assembled due to customer requests who require a ‘trigger’ when they are loadshedding (Eskom utility mains power ON or OFF). This unit will allow you to make automated actions based on whether you are loadshedding or not.  You will need a backup power system such as an inverter/UPS which does not fluctuate for the unit work. One end is connected to your Backup power and the other to  Eskom power.

The unit is enclosed within a IP65 housing (if used outdoors cable entries must be sealed).


NOTE – Backorders Allowed: locally assembled product.

This product is locally made by us and allows for backorders in order for us to determine the quantity required. If ‘in-stock’ the unit will ship next day and if on ‘backorder’ delivery may be 3 days (to assemble if we have all items needed) and maximum 3 weeks if we are waiting stock to complete the assembly process.



  • Power Supply: AC 230V | 100-240V AC @ 50/60Hz
  • Connection Input: WHITE connect to Inverter ‘Backup Power’  230 VAC – 0.5m (add your connection plug type)
  • Connection Input: RED connect to Eskom ‘Fluctuating Power’ 230V AC – 0.5m (add your connection plug type)
  • Wireless standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n
  • Wireless Type: Only 2.4GHz, not support 5G
  • Mobile Phone: Tuya SmartLife For android & IOS
  • Dimensions with outer mount flange: 132.2 x 68.7 x 50.1mm (L x W x H)


Installation Instructions | Download the USER MANUAL [click here]

  1. Connect the WHITE lead to inverter 230VAC
  2. Follow the instructions re to add the device to the Tuya Smart app / or SmartLife app
  3. Unit uses a Smart Garage Door opener, rename this to any suitable such as Eskom Power
  4. Connect the RED to Eskom 230VAC (switch ON and OFF to test – simulate loadshedding)
  5. Closed means – Power Present
  6. Opened mean – Loadshedding (no Eskom power)
  7. Use ‘Automation’ within the free Tuya app to switch other smart devices ON or OFF


What’s in the Box?

1x Smart Eskom Present Sensor
1x Instruction Manual


Additional information

Weight10 g


Tuya Smartlife

8 reviews for Smart Loadshedding Detector | Eskom Utility Power Present Sensor | WiFi Tuya SmartLife

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  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Took some time to find out how to set up scenes to get it to switch on and off devices based on the “status” of the device. Thankfully a WhatsApp chat with support sorted me out

  2. Harry S. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product. Gives me peace of of mind.

  3. Ryan Scarterfield (verified owner)

    Works well with Smart life app to turn off appliances during load shedding.

  4. Brian Peck (verified owner)

    Works perfectly

  5. Francois Engelbrecht (verified owner)

    Works perfectly……now I save my inverter battery during Loadshedding

  6. Harry S. (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Work as advertised and intended. I now have pease of mind having it installed and working with my inverter.

  7. Liam Terblanche (verified owner)

    Great communication. Rapid response. Good service. Thank you guys!

  8. Hendi (store manager)

    Please take the time to review this product when asked to do so after purchase. Thanking you in advance.

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