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HW-M Coil | 0.15 Ohm for Eleaf | 5 pcs pack | Generic

Generic PnP VM5 0.2Ω  coil – for use with Voopoo

  • Mesh Coil | 40 – 60 Watts
  • 5 pack box
  • for use with DRAG S | DRAG X | ARGUS X | ARGUS PRO | NAVI | PnP 22 + other

R160.00 incl.

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HW-M Coil, 0.15 Ohm, generic vape coil for use with Eleaf.

A cost-effective generic for a ‘disposable product’ (even in its original OEM form).

Coil Specifications

  • Brand: Generic (for use with Eleaf)
  • Model: HW-M
  • Resistance: 0.15 Ω / Ohm
  • Range: 50 – 100 Watts


NOTE: Please check your Eleaf unit is suitable to use this coil.


We stock the below range of Generic Eleaf HW-M coils as below:

  • HW-M – 0.2 Ω / 40 – 90W
  • HW-M – 0.15 Ω / 50 – 100W


TIPs and FAQs

Limit Leaking coils (all coils OEM or other)

  • Apply some super glue to any throw-away non-porous surface.
  • Using a pin or small wire apply glue to the ‘O’ ring seal on the bottom.
  • If you get glue on the centre cap (which will prevent contact), allow it to dry, and sand it with a nail file.

Why does my coil burn?

  • A ‘dry hit’ is an awful taste resulting from your tank liquid being too low. Ensure your tank never runs empty. Even when filing after a ‘dry hit’ you have reduced the overall lifespan of the coil.
  • If you get dry hits with adequate liquid, then this is due to ‘chain vaping’. This means the coil is burning more liquid than it can absorb. The only solution is to buy a larger Vape or two of the same or vape less rapidly.

Get a little bit more life out of a used coil

  • You can extend the life of ‘USED Coils’ by placing them in a small, sealed container with Vodka for 2 days and then rinse in pure water (RO or similar with no impurities) for 2 hours.
  • Allow to completely dry for a day and enjoy your coils for a little bit longer.


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What is in the Box?

1x HW-M Coils – 5 pack

Additional information

Weight0.4 g




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