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HTECH Wall Plate 4×4 HDMI USB Power RJ45 Network LAN

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  • Wall Plate HDMI, USB, Ethernet LAN & 3 Power 2 Pin EU round
  • Design your own Wall Plates according to your specific requirements
  • Step 1: Select your required Base Plates
  • Step 2: Select your type of keystone inserts
  • Step 3: fill in the gaps with Blanking Inserts

R490.00 incl.

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This wall plate has 1x HDMI Female – female (barrel), 1x USB 3.0, 3x Power 2 PIn EU and 1x RJ45 Ethernet LAN

If this wall plate is not as per your requirement you can design your our custom Wall Plates & Inserts 

Step1: Choose your own custom Base Plates [click here]

Step2: Choose you own Keystone Inserts [click here]


Dimensions:      120 x 120mm x 10mm (L x W x D) D = empty wall plate /  wall plate 4×4

Colour:             White. (Images have been deliberately darkened)

Material:           Flame Retardant PVC

Note: The items ship loose to give you the option of ‘in which sequence’ they should be.


What’s in the Box?:

1x Wall Plate 4×4 – 6 Slot

1x Insert HDMI – female elbow

1x Insert 1x USB 3.0

1x Insert 1x RJ45

3x Insert Power EU 2 Pin round

Step1: HTECH Base Plate Options. (Depth is keystone insert dependant)

  1. Trunking Wall Plates: 86 x 86mm, 1, 2 & 3 slot
  2. Wall Plates: 2 x 4, 120 x 70 mm, 1, 2 & 3 slot
  3. Wall Plate: 4 x 4, 120 x 120mm, 6 slot
  4. Extended Plate, 195 x 70mm, 6 slot
  5. Floor / table Top Plate: 120 x 120mm , 3 slot. Depth 60mm


Step 2: HTECH Keystone Insert Options for Trunking, Wall & Floor Plate

2.1 Blanking

2.2a HDMI straight barrel (F-F)

2.2b HDMI elbow 90° barrel (F-F)

2.3a RCA Digital audio 1x Y

2.3b RCA Stereo 2x R+W

2.3c RCA Component 3x R+G+B

2.3d RCA AV 3x Y+R+W

2.4a VGA straight barrel (F-F)

2.4b VGA straight terminal block

2.5 3.5mm Aux Jack audio earphone 3pin terminal block

2.6 6.5mm Aux jack headphone, guitar 3pin terminal block

2.7 DIN Meeting 6 pin solder

2.8 DIN Meeting 8pin solder

2.9 Banana Stereo Audio Speaker connections 2pin solder

2.10a XLR / Lennon male 4pin solder connections

2.10b XLR / Lennon female 4pin solder connections (2 slots)

2.11 Speakon female 4pin spade or solder connections (2 slots)

2.12 RJ11 telephone, quick snap connector

2.13a RJ45 single + dust cover Ethernet LAN, Networking, Data, quick snap connector

2.13b RJ45 2x dual, Ethernet LAN, Networking, Data, Internet, quick snap connector

2.14 USB 3.0 straight barrel (F-F)

2.15 USB 2.0 2x Dual straight barrel (F-F) 4pin solder

2.16 F type modular RF connection for satellite dish connections DSTV

2.17 TV Connector for distribution terrestrial antenna, 2pin solder connections

2.18 SC for Fiber Optic connections barrel (F-F)

2.19 LC for Fiber Optic connections barrel (F-F)

2.20 Power 2pin EU round 10A 230V 2pin terminal block

2.21 DIY Use a Blank Insert to make anything not listed e.g.  fuse holders, LED’s


Additional information

Weight0.4 g
Select Inserts

A. Base Plate 2-Slot, B. Base Plate 3-Slot, 1. Blank, 2. RJ45 LAN-Cable, 3. HDMI – Straight, 4. HDMI – Elbow, 5. RCA AV- 3x, 6. VGA, 7. USB-Lead, 8. Audio Jack 6.5mm, 9. XLR Lennon – Male, 10. 2pin EU Round 230VAC



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