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Galaxy Starship Projector Light | WiFi Tuya Smart Life

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Create with the Galaxy starship Projector Light from Tuya a colourful Milky Way within your own bedroom, with a wide array of nebula colours and star lights. The projector can produce a cosmic atmosphere with calming and mystifying sounds, planets and moons, and laser star patterns.


Completely customize your star scape with colours set to your preference. The Galaxy Starship Projector Light for Tuya also reacts to music, can can cast a scene in rhythm to the surrounding music. This device is perfect for those who love the galaxy aesthetic and a perfect gift to children.


Through the use of the Smartlife app the Projector Light can be automated alongside other devices and functions like, colour, patterns, speed, brightness can be set and customized.


The Galaxy Starship Projector Light for Tuya is multipurpose as it can be used for relaxation, education and parties. With its soothing inbuild music functions it can play a melody to lull anyone to sleep. Whilst with its adjustable rhythm and lasers, the projector can be perfect for indoor parties and dances. All along with its different planet sliders it is the perfect tool to engage and entertain any young kids who are learning about our world’s solar system.

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Input power: 5V

Laser Power: 30mW 515nm green

LED Power: 1W red, green and blue.

What’s in the box?

1x White Galaxy Starship Projector

1x USB power cable

1x User Manual


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