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A TV Box (Media Player, Set Top Box, OTT or MBox as it is sometimes called) is a compact yet powerful device which connects the internet to your TV thereby turning your TV into a ‘Super Smart TV’.

While mostly small and compact TV Boxes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, specifications and certifications. Via USB ports they also have the ability to connect useful optional items such as an external hard drive or a wireless keyboard / mouse.

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  • TV boxes can be connected to ANY type of TV, Model, Monitor or Projector with an HDMI input. (they do not need to be the very latest models or even Ultra HD-4K).
  • An ‘uncapped internet’ connection is preferred with a speed of at least 4Mbps. 
  • The faster your internet connection the higher the quality video you can stream. For most 4K videos +6Mbps is adequate. If you don’t have a fast connection no problem at all, you can simply change the default output resolution on the TV Box to Full HD (1080p) or even lower as required.
  •  Once connected you can then select from several applications (known as apps) installed on your TV Box to stream content. A few examples of ‘apps’ are youtube, dstv now, netflix, redbull tv, news channels, facebook etc. Our TV Boxes ship with the most popular apps already pre-installed for your convenience. 
  • Apps that run on your android cell phone will also work on your TV Box
  • You can also choose from 1000’s of available apps and install them yourself to suite and match your very own viewing pleasure.
  • Friends and Family often share useful new apps they have discovered with each other.

Their are two variants of media players you can choose from, each with their own pros & cons, as per below:

Since 2019 Android TV Boxes have been divided into two very distinct categories, namely those which are ‘Google Certified’ and those which are NOT (known as ‘Open Source TV Boxes’).  Apps which are supported on one category may not be supported on the other e.g DSTV Now. Due to this separation several of our customers now own two TV boxes been one model of each category type.

a. Google Certified -Android TV Boxes.

    •  Info: runs on the ATV (android tv) platform with widevine L1, (very strict form of copyright protection)
    • Pros: Supports certain apps such as DSTV Now or any other apps which requiring google certification to run.
    • Cons: cannot play all applications especially those which maybe infringe on copyright.
    • Models: [click] to view:. MeCool KM9 | Ematic AGT419

b. Non-Google Certified – Android TV Boxes (also known as Open Source TV Boxes)

    • Info: Runs on the standard Android platform, most current is Android version 9 (called Oreo) with widvine L3 (not strict, no limitation)
    •  Pros: run all known apps (with the exception of those which require google certification)
    •  Cons: will not run apps such as DSTV Now
    • Models: [click] to view H96Max
Mini PC’s or Window TV Boxes are  small compact computers which can be dedicated to your TV as opposed plugging in your laptop everyday. They offer pretty much the exact same functionality as your windows laptop or desktop PC.
    • Info: Current versions run on a valid Windows 10 Home license (included)
    • Pros: Supports all apps as DSTV Now, Netflix and YouTube etc all in resolutions up to Ultra HD.
    • Does Not require any form of certification.
    • Cons: The include legit windows 10 home license is valued at about R1,300 making Windows TV boxes that bit more expensive. (Android which is developed by Google themselves has no license fee).
    • Models: [click] to view Z83 | AK1

How do I connect my TV Box to the Internet?

TV Boxes can connect to any form of internet you have such as Fibre, LTE and ADSL etc. via either WiFi or Ethernet. All TV Boxes have a WiFi module build-in while the majority also have LAN / RJ45 Ethernet connector.  If your internet router and TV box are located in close proximity to each other (10m, same tv cabinet) then we strongly recommend the LAN cable connection. You will need to purchase a LAN cable of the correct length, which can be obtained at a very reasonable price from any number of retailers near you.

What can I watch via my TV Box?

The possible better question would be … what I can I NOT watch via my TV Box and the answer would be … ‘well nothing’. You can watch pretty much anything you can image via your TV Box ranging form movies, series, sports and news etc.  Each of these will require a specific app to be installed on your TV Box. Customising your TV Box to suite your own specific viewing needs is fun but will mostly likely involve installing several new apps until you find the right ones (unused apps should be uninstalled).  Some apps such as DSTV Now, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video etc. require a paid subscription to work, while others such as YouTube, RedBull TV and 1000’s more, do not.
What is a VPN and do I need one?
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an app that can be installed on your TV Box and offers you a very high degree of both security and privacy on your TV Box. 
Generally a VPN is not required on a Google Certified TV Box, unless you are using your TV Box to do things such as Internet banking etc. A VPN however is strongly recommended on an ‘Open Source TV Box’ but also depends on which video streaming or other apps you are using.  A worthwhile VPN requires a subscription equivalent to +/-R50pm but these costs can be shared as most offer you 3-4 simultaneous logins.
We recommend either NORD [click here] or EXPRESS [click here]

Which Optional Items are recommended?

While all TV Boxes come standard with an IR (infra-red) remote control the most common optional item purchased with TV Boxes is a wireless Keyboard. This is especially useful if you expect to be typing a lot like searching YouTube or Google etc. It must be noted that these keyboards are mainly for BAT individuals (Born After Technology). If you are purchasing a TV Box for your parents (BBT’s) then a standard wireless mouse is recommended. Several remotes also have a microphone which use voice commands via google assistant.

Optional TV Accessories [click here]

How do I update my TV Box firmware and apps?

The preferred updating method is via apps installed directly on your tv box itself namely, the ‘Google Play Store’ or Apkpure (do not update any google apps via apkpure).

If however, you are unable to locate the correct app or version for example Netflix for the KM9 then please download from the link below and via a memory stick ‘sideload’ install them to your TV Box.

  1. Google Certified TV Boxes [click Here]
    For TV Box Models MeCool KM8 & KM9 | Ematic AGT419 
  2. Open Source (non certified) TV Boxes [click Here]
    For TV Box Models H96Pro | H96Max | all other non-certified.
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