TV Box AK1 WTX Ultra, 4K , 4/32G, Windows 10, CPU J3455, Mini PC

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Future of Internet Video Streaming is here …Windows Mini PC, DSTV Now, Netflix, YouTube all in Full & Ultra HD (no google certification required)

TV Box WTX Ultra, AK1, 4K Ultra HD, Windows 10 Home, Intel Celeron (formerly Apollo Lake) J3455 CPU (4 x 2.3Ghz), 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Dual WiFi, Bluetooth, 2x USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, Type-C, Micro SD, AV (headphone), 1GB Ethernet. Includes a base / mounting plate for an internal 2.5″ hard drive (2TB max). Mini PC AK1

NEW!! The very latest in technology been an extremely compact Windows based TV Box specifically designed for streaming and gaming. All versions of the most popular apps are supported, DSTV Now, Netflix, News 24, Red Bull TV, YouTube, Showmax, Kodi, Chrome, Facebook, Gmail etc. to name but a few. Any application that will stream or run on your windows pc or laptop will work on this box.

NO hassles with Google Certification…DSTV Now (fully supported), Netflix & YouTube in HD

What is the difference between an Android and a Windows TV Box?

From an physical appearance and functional point of view both types are near identical. The main difference is the operating system installed on the boxes been Android version 7 (nougat) and Windows 10 (home). Android does not require a license while Windows does, this effectively makes the Windows TV boxes around R1,500 more expensive per unit due to the Windows 10 Home license (included in the price).

So why buy a Windows TV Box? Several of our customers require applications such as DSTV Now which require an Android TV boxes to be google certified. With a Widows TV box these applications can stream 100% from within a browser e.g Chrome via HTML5 and do not necessarily require the application to be installed (.exe). The other reason is for use as a small portable and powerful gaming pc where certain games are only available on Windows. Effectively the exact same as your windows PC (great replacement). mini PC

Summary: if you require DSTV Now or any google certified applications then a Windows TV Box is the preferred device to purchase.

Note the Windows TV Box does NOT include any remote control and requires a Keyboard and Mouse to function.


What is an Android TV Box?/ What can I watch? / What do I need to make it Work? / What is a VPN and do I need one? / Not sure which model to buy and from whom? / What accessories do I need? / Compare all our models in a single chart etc.

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IMPORTANT: Connection to the Internet

All our TV Boxes have the capability to connect to your existing home/office Wifi signal. However, Wifi does suffer from inherent data losses and interference and is best suited for mobile devices such as cellphones. These losses are most noticed on streaming devices such as a TV Box. Therefore, we highly recommended connecting to the internet via a direct connection to your router via a LAN cable.

In the event that your Wifi Router and TV box are far apart you can consider these preferred options:-

1. Longer length LAN cable. We can make these to order – contact us. [click here]

2. Powerline Extenders. Truly great ‘plug & play’ devices to extend the ‘direct internet signal’ via your homes existing power cables. Simply plug in one unit at the router power plug and the other end at the TV Box and connect the included LAN cables (max 7x extenders). We have 2x models available:


  1. Powerline Direct Internet Signal + Wifi Extender – 500Mbps [click here]
  2. Powerline Direct Internet Signal Extender – 1200Mbps [click here]


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  1. Sid Thorne

    Hi we have been through 3 Android boxes, each with own issues and decided to invest a bit more and this has been the answer to ALL our issues. So far so good, reliable, quick and easy to use. Will not recommend Android box to anyone unless they on very tight budget.

  2. Jose Dos Santos

    Works pretty well so far

  3. Wynand Boschoff

    Very satisfied, DSTV Now in HD, Netflix HD, well everything in HD, why hassle with Android and Google Certification. This is the future of streaming!!

  4. Henrac Tech

    Please make the effort to leave us a review after purchase. Your effort will be much appreciated

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