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Pet Wireless Fence | Dog Containment System | 2x Collars with Buzzer & Vibrate

Dog Invisible Electronic Perimeter Fence | Pet Containment System

  • static (shock) feature has been disabled on this device
  • prevents dogs from leaving or entering a predefined perimeter
  • prevents excessive jumping against walls etc.
  • create ‘keep out – not allowed’ or ‘keep in – allowed’ areas
  • Audile Warning Buzzer and Proportional Vibrate Stimulus
  • 2x Receiver Collars are included in this offer

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This quality Wireless Perimeter Fence System is the perfect dog containment system which is achieved by creating an invisible electronic fence . The unit has a main controller (transmitter) which is connected to a plastic coated wire loop . These wire loops may be used to created an ‘allowed’ or ‘no go’ zone for your beloved pets whom are fitted with receiver collars. You can create several zones each of which must be a wire loop – see additional images for examples of ‘zone’. A 200m roll of plastic coated wire is included. If bigger loops are required, you can purchase any similar wire from your local hardware (max 2000m).

Important Note: Due to a request from the SPCA the Static (shock) feature has been disabled.

This offer includes 1x Vibrate Receiver and is suitable for use with one dog. If required, additional receivers can be purchased separately from our website and added to an existing system. Their is no limit to the number of receivers allowed per system. The majority of dogs irrespective of breed or temperament respond well to vibrate.

Principle of Operation

The system will require some installation and planning prior to deployment. The ‘field’ is the collar receiver activation distance either side of the wire which can be adjusted up or down and is be set during testing. As your pet approaches the outer limits of the ‘field’ a warning buzzer will first sound for 20 seconds. Should the audible warning not be adhered to the receiver will activate and vibrate on a very mild setting which will increase in intensity as the receiver get closer the the loop wire itself.

Your Pet may initially ‘breach’ the barrier a few times but will quickly learn to respond to the warning buzzer only. Prior and during initial deployment the system will require ‘barrier field’ training with your pet. Markers are included to create a visible indication of the electronic fence. The electric dog fence is a very effective invisible fencing system but requires owner patience, love and some dedicated training. As the owner you alone are best suited to decide which training method is best.

Collar Receiver Settings

Use the ON/OFF button on the receiver to cycle through the stimulation modes. One button click per mode or ‘press and hold’ to turn receiver on or off. Due to the fact that Static or Shock has been disabled in the receiver, modes 2 & 3 are identical and mode 1 is default.

  • Mode 1: LED light flashes once  = Warning Buzzer + Mild Vibrate (default setting)
  • Mode 2: LED light flashes twice = Warning Buzzer + Strong Vibrate + Mild Static (disabled)
  • Mode 3: LED Light flashes 3 times = Warning Buzzer + Strong Vibrate + High Static (disabled)

Planning & Testing your System

  • fully charge the receiver collars (do not fit them yet)
  • layout the wire above ground along the boundary as per your requirement
  • connect the wire end to the spring loaded contacts on the control unit
  • where you required the ‘field’ to be cancelled -> twist the loop wires together. e.g. dogs are allowed to run over the wire in these areas. Twisted loop wires create a ‘cancelling’ effect and will not activate the receiver
  • the control unit must be mounted indoors at a suitable location closest to the where the wires meet or are twisted. Requires a 230V power outlet.
  • holding the receiver in your hand, switch and select mode 1or 2 as above
  • approach the wire from the same direction as your pet would do and adjust the field distance via the UP/DOWN buttons on the control unit
  • if after reaching DOWN setting No 1 and still require a smaller field, please see ‘Range Reducer’ below
  • the above test  must be completed around the entire system until the correct settings are achieved.
  • to increase the longevity of the wire loop we recommend these be buried in the ground (7-10cm)
  • System commissioned – done


  • Progressive Tone Stimulus: An audile warning tone (buzzer) will be issued first. Should the receiver continue to move closer to the boundary the warning buzzer frequency will increase
  • Vibrate Proportional Stimulus: Should the receiver continue to move closer to the boundary after the warning buzzer the unit will activate the ‘vibrate feature’ which will increase in frequency relative to the wire distance and setting on the controller.
  • Speed Detect Anti-run through: The faster your dog is moving, the quicker and the higher level of intensity is issued
  • Receiver Low Battery Indicator: the LED flashing light on the receiver will flash RED when a recharge is required. GREEN is status OK
  • Receivers are Rain Proof: removed should your pet enjoy a swim. Receivers cannot be submersed in water.
  • Audible Wire Break Alarm: The control unit has an audible alarm to alert you if it senses a break in the wire or if the boundary system is not functioning correctly
  • Audible Wire Break Alarm: The control unit will light up if a break in the wire is detected.
  • Quick Disconnect Terminals: quick and secure connection or disconnection of the wire to the control center
  • Disconnect for Lightning: due to the systems very design (been a large wire loop around your property) the Control Unit is prone to damage from lightning. Please disconnect as applicable and where possible.


Range Reducer (see additional images for installation etc.)

It has come to our attention that several customers require the range (at which the pet fence triggers the receivers) to be even less than the minimum setting (number 1). This unit is a custom addon and is designed to reduce the range even further. A Range Reducer is included. This reducer should not required by default, use only if required, see additional product images for installation


What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Control Unit
  • 2x Receivers
  • 2x Collars
  • 1x Test Light Tool
  • 4x Sets of Metal Probes
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Charger & Cable
  • 1x 200M Wire Roll
  • 20x Boundary Flags

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