Monster Premade Speaker Cable 12AWG, Nakamichi Contacts | 3m, 5m, 7m & 10m

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  • Monster Speaker Cable hand Made
  • 12AWG or 4mm Low Loss Flex Cable, Monster
  • Nakamichi Gold Plated Contacts


Premade speaker cable with gold plated Nakamichi contacts using 12AWG flexible multi-strand low-loss speaker cable offering great value for individuals who are serious about audio.

Speaker cables can be categorised been those with poor performance (cheap & nasty) and on the opposite side of the spectrum, those with exceptional performance but with prices bordering on the absurd or ridiculous. These cable are hand made in SA using carefully selected ‘best quality vs. value’ items these cables are on the lower end regarding price while offering performance comparable to those at the top, without breaking the bank.

Important: This offer for a single cable only (1pc) as certain customers may require a 3rd cable for a centre speaker.

Available Lengths for Speaker cable with Nakamichi contacts

  • 3m, 5m, 7m & 10m (select options and quantities)

The cable used is considered to be the lowest loss (thickest) cable readily available. The lower the Gauge (AWG) the thicker the wire diameter and the less resistance or power losses from the amplifier to the speaker over any given length of cable.

Cable Specifications: for more detail on the cable used [click here]

  • Colour: Transparent
  • Length: 3m
  • Wire Gauge: 12 AWG / 4mm
  • Inner Cross-sectional area: 2 x 4mm² cross-section (wire thickness)
  • Sheath Outer Dimension: 6.00 mm
  • Material: CCA
  • Resistance: 0.00829 Ohm/m (Ohms per Meter)

Nakamichi Connector Specifications:

  • Type: Banana plug straight
  • Colour: Silver base with individual Red & Black for polarity identification
  • Material: Pure Copper, 24k Gold Plated, non-magnetic
  • Contacts: Dual screws, no soldering.
  • Heat Shrink: Hellermantyton & 3M

Useful Tips:

  • Keep the ‘front speaker cable’ lengths the same (left, right & centre)
  • Keep the ‘rear speaker cable’ lengths the same (left, right)
  • Secure your speaker cables (cable ties) to prevent their full weight hanging directly off the amplifier connections

What’s in the Box? (length as per selected 3m, 5m 7m or 10m):

  • 1x Premade Speaker Cable 4mm



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