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EMS Ultra Rechargeable Muscle Toning & Firming AB Stimulator Set + 12 Spare Gel Pads

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  • New Model 8 FIN + HIP Buttocks EMS
  • both with built-in rechargeable Batteries
  • Includes 12 Spare Gel Pads & multi charge cable
  • Superior Quality

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New Model 8 FIN + HIP Buttocks EMS both with built-in rechargeable Batteries + 12 Spare Gel Pads + multi charge cable + Superior Quality


Keep in great shape while relaxing at home, without the need to spend hours in the gym.

It works by emitting electromagnetic pulses which can help to firm and define your core with strengthening muscle contractions. This is known as EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology.


This Ultimate ‘Set ensure that all Muscle regions can be targeted and includes:

  • Latest release ‘Rechargeable’ 8 fin model is specifically for Abdominal Muscle or AB’s stimulation offering 34% more surface area as opposed to the conventional 6 fin models.
  • Latest release ‘Rechargeable’ Hip & Buttocks EMS


Both these Models have built-in batteries with micro USB charge ports on each of the 4 control units. An included splitter cable allows you to charge upto 3 control units simultaneously via any USB port.


The cost of batteries alone can exceed the cost of a EMS itself (over a relatively short period of time) especially when using disposable alkaline batteries ensuring this offer is great ‘Value for Money’ as opposed to separately buying an EMS, charger and high capacity AAA batteries.



Do not use in conjunction with a workout. Your perspiration or sweat will reduce the ability of the gel pads to adhere to your skin correctly. Use on dry skin only and be sure to replace the gel pad clear protective cover after each use.


Optional Recommended Items

A set of 12 spare Gel Pads is included in this offer but if required these can be purchased by searching for:

‘6 Pack (6×2) Spare Gel Pads for EMS 8 Fin Muscle Stimulator, Henrac Tech’



– Function: Muscle Stimulator. Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles

– Material: Composite Material

– Operation: Easy push-button operation with 6 modes – see additional images

– Powered by: Rechargeable batteries Included


Important tips for care and maintenance:

– Make sure your skin is clean and dry before use. Clean affected area with soap and water (natural oils can affect the adhesive surface of the gel pads)

– Remove any hair from treated area as this can affect adhesive qualities of gel pads

– To extend the life of the gel pads (if you notice dryness or loss of stickiness) add a few drops of water to affected pad and then re-attach to plastic film for storage

– Avoid touching the gel pads, and keep them away from dust and other impurities

– Cover the pads with the provided plastic film after use, and store in a cool dry place

– The conductive gel adhesive pad is water-based and so if it becomes saturated (e.g. from perspiration), it will lose some of its adhesive qualities. If this happens, after use, leave the pads face-up overnight to dry out and then cover pad with provided film

– The lifetime of the gel pads is affected by different factors such as how the product is used (whether proper care is taken), the number of uses, etc. For optimum use, the pads need to be replaced fairly regularly (depending on use). However proper maintenance and care can extend their use



– Proper maintenance as highlighted above is essential not only to the longevity of the product but also to the optimum and safe use of the product. If a gel pad becomes contaminated (dirt on skin, residue from lotions, dead skin, etc. the conductivity can decrease which may lead to irritation of the skin

– If an allergic skin reaction occurs please discontinue use of product immediately


Note : This offer includes 2 separate boxes which ship together.


What’s in the box
1x Abdominal EMS Stimulator 8 Fin Pad

2x Arms Legs EMS Stimulator Pads

1x Hip & Buttocks EMS Stimulator Pad

4x Rechargeable Control Units

1x USB to 3 Micro USB Charge Cable

1x USB to 1 Micro USB Charge Cable

12 x Spare Gel Pads



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