Dog Training Collar DR, Remote 300m, 1x Dog, Rechargeable

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Quality Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar.
• Remote Control Support for: 1 to 2 receivers.
• Vibrate: 100 level Settings
• Static Shock: 100 level Settings
• Buzzer: Loud Audio Warning
• Long Range: 300m LOS (Line of Sight)
• Rainproof: Cannot be submersed in water, splash proof only

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Dog Training Collar with Remote Control, Model DR, Range 300m, Rechargeable, Splashproof, 1x Receiver Cheap dog training collar

Dog Training Remote e-Collar System. Multi-function, 4 Modes – Light | Buzzer | Vibrate | Pulse (static shock) Cheap dog training collar

Good Quality Dog Training Remote Control System with 1x Receiver Collar. Both the remote transmitter and receivers are rechargeable via any USB port, hence no batteries are required. The receiver is splash or rainproof (IP65) and can therefore cannot be fully submersed in water (not suitable for swimming breeds). The receiver collars are also make of durable plastic.

Firstly, not sure which of our Dog Training models best suites your needs (refer to the table below, click on the other model to view)

Model Environmental Max Range (LOS) Max Receivers (Dogs per remote) Quality Breeds(general)
DR (you are viewing this model + 1 collar) rainproof IP65 300m 2 Good all (Do Not swim)
DB [click to view] waterproof IP67 300m 2 Excellent all (do swim)
LR [click to view] waterproof I67 800m 3 Superior all / hunting (do swim)

This is a complete training system with 1x remote control and 1x receiver collar. The colour of the remote control with a backlit display and receivers are black.

Most noteworthy is the system offers four completely different methods allowing you to establish the most suitable method for your beloved pet. The vibrate function is very effective and recommended as the starting point. Each remote can individually control up to 2x Receiver Collars

Training Functions as selected via the remote control

  • LED Flashing light (suitably strong light to allow for visible location at night)
  • Beep mode with Audible buzzer. (used a pre-warning that should ‘disobedience’ continue either 3 or 4 below will follow)
  • Vibration with 100 level setting. (recommended default starting point on level 30)
  • Pulse with 100 level settings (required when vibrate function proves ineffective)

Rechargeable and waterproof training collar has been proven safe, comfortable and effective for all Dog breeds over 4kgs. As a result, this system assists you in controlling and training your pet within a range of up to 300m LOS (Line Of Sight). At the push of a button, the remote transmitter sends a signal, activating the receiver collar. As a result, the collar will instantly respond with the function and level selected on the remote control. Therefore by using this remote trainer in a responsible manner most of the misbehavior that your beloved pets exhibit can be corrected in a reasonably short period of time. The device is suitable for general obedience and command training and can offer great results.

The remote trainer has a maximum range of up to 300m. Note: Terrain, weather, vegetation, transmission from other radio devices etc. may adversely affect the range of your remote trainer.

Product Features:

  • Chargeable remote transmitter and receiver collar
  • 4-mode Selection: Light, Buzzer, Vibration & Pulse
  • In LED light mode, it activates a flashing green LED light every second
  • In beep /buzzer mode, it activates a tone on the receiver
  • 100 Levels of vibration
  • 100 Levels of pulse
  • The levels are altered by pressing the Up or Down buttons on the remote control
  • Power saving mode on the receivers extends rechargeable battery life
  • Two pairs of metal prong (short/long) to suit dogs with varied fur thickness.
  • One remote can control up to 2x Collar receivers max. (additional Collar receiver can be purchased and then easily ‘paired’ with your existing remote control).
  • Can function as an ‘anti-bark’ device but requires manual intervention via the remote (not automated for anti-bark).

Collar Size:

The collar is adjustable from 15cm to 65cm. If your pet’s neck is smaller than this length the device is most likely NOT appropriate for your specific dog, been small breed. In addition the receiver may be fitted to a suitable collar of your own.

Remote Control Selection – How it works:

Firstly select the Channel number. Each number will correspond to one of your beloved pets. Select the correct Channel then the “Mode” button to select the training method you want, and finally press “Y” to deploy.

Receiver Automatic Power Saving Mode:

The receiver incorporates a motion sensor (heard as a slight rattle when shaking the receiver unit). Consequently, if no movement is detected for 4 minutes the unit will enter batter saving mode. As soon as any movement is detected it will activate the receiver. When the Green LED indicator on receiver is flashing the units need to be removed and fully recharged, indicates a ‘battery low level’.

How to ‘Pair’ a receiver to a Remote

In the event that a receiver may loose it pairing to the remote or you simply need to add another receiver, please see the video below

How to Pair a 880LR Reciever [click here to view video]

In conclusion, this device will deliver excellent results in a relatively short period but requires above all dedication and patience on the part of the responsible owner to achieve them.

What’s in the Box?: Cheap dog training collar

Remote Control Transmitter x1

Receiver Unit x1

Adjustable Collar x1

Set of extension stud caps (for long haired breeds) x1

USB Charge Cable x1

Splitter Multi-Charge Cable x1

Power Supply Charger (2pin round) x1


Henrac Tech

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5.5 cm

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    Does its job. Worried it will not last long. Does not seem very strong and weather/dog resistant

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    What great service, from order to delivery. Will definitely use again!

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    Fast, efficient with no hiccups

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    Have only used a few times. So cannot report if the dog is responding yet.

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    It works really efficiently and we have only used the Vibration mode and seen very positive results.

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