Dog No Bark Collar, Anti Bark, Vibrate, No Shock, Waterproof

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Dog No Bark Collar, Dog Anti Bark Collar, Do Stop Barking Collar

  • Latest Tech uses ‘air displacement’ to detect barking (not audio via a microphone)
  • 7 levels of vibration
  • No Shock
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable via any USB or power adaptor


Dog Anti-Bark (no more barking) high quality collar with audio buzzer warning and vibrate function (no shock). 7 level adjustments. Rechargeable Batteries. Colour of Collar and Shell: Satin Black.

The unit is controlled by a microprocessor distinguishing your dog’s bark from other environmental noises (including other dogs barking) and automatically delivers and warning sound followed by vibration should the barking persist.

NB: via customer feedback the ‘vibrate’ function is an extremely effective method even on the most stubborn of breeds.This, best no bark collar is rechargeable with a digital LCD settings display for ease of operation.

Suitable for Dogs 3 – 60+kgs. The collar extends to 58cm but any custom collar can be fitted.


  • Rechargeable Batteries via any USB port (charge cable included)
  • Environmental Grade: IP65. Water- resistant, will function normally in heavy rain. NB: Remove from certain breeds before swimming. For more detailed explanation on IP ratings [click here]
  • LCD display shows the levels of vibration
  • 7 levels sensitivity adjustable
  • Beep warning and vibration training

Package Includes:

  • 1x Automatic Dog No Bark Collar
  • 1x USB charge cable (rechargeable batteries are build-in to the collar)
  • 1x Operating Manual

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Henrac Tech

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18 reviews for Dog No Bark Collar, Anti Bark, Vibrate, No Shock, Waterproof

  1. Henrac Tech

    Please make the effort to leave us a review after purchase. Your effort will be much appreciated

  2. Natalie du Plessis

    Set them to max vibration and max sound and everything in between and my French Poodles weren’t even fazed. Unfortunately I missed the 7 day return period, otherwise I would’ve sent them back. Complete waste of money.

  3. Jan Vorster

    Simple and serves its purpose

  4. Michael Stoker

    These collars have been great with my two miniature schnauzers. They were waking up in the middle of the night and would start barking waking everyone up. But since we’ve started using the collars we heard one or two barks a night the first week before the vibration kicked in and now the puppies don’t bark at all. Very happy with this product and the price I got it for

  5. Magda Botha

    Works very well.

  6. Barry van der Merwe

    It seems to be working well!

  7. Mandi stoltz


  8. Sanjeev

    Works like a charm. I’ve seen immediate results. Great quality product and way cheaper than shop bought equivalents..

  9. Grant Ferreira

    Excellent quality product. Works as described. Long battery life

  10. Melisa Louw

    Its works well – it is just too big for a sausage dog – had to make it a bit smaller

  11. Jaco Engelbrecht

    Great service and product seems to make my dog bark less.

  12. Beatrix Pickard-Cambridge

    Thank you, it is working perfectly and our dog learnt within 1 day.

  13. Alex Staack

    works 100%…

  14. Adele Coetzee

    It worked from the very first moment we used it. Our dog is much more pleasant to be around.

  15. Melanie Govender

    Wonderful deterrent to our Doberman’s incessant barking.

  16. Liana Stewart

    The collar works quite well. From the start, our dog stopped barking after the beep and vibration.

  17. Shireen Schuin

    Ordered the collars and they were delivered within 3 days. So far so good. My dogs seem a lot quieter.

  18. Marthina

    I’m very impressed with Henrac Technology. I received the product the next after I ordered it. The anti-bark collar works great and my dog is not uncomfortable while wearing it. Happy dog and happy neighbours!

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