Animal Pest Repeller, Dual Ultrasonic Emitter, Solar Power, Outdoor

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  • Emits powerful Ultrasonic (inaudible to the human ear) alarm bursts
  • Effectively repels invasive pests humanely and without the use of traps or poisons
  • Powerful Dual ultrasonic, sonic to scare away a wide variety of outdoor pests
  • The industry’s most advanced anti-pest product for peace of mind and affordability with Multi-functional, fully adjustable settings for intensity and sensitivity
  • Solar Powered and weather proof


Outdoor Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal Repellent device for keeping out Cats, Dogs, Rodents and Reptiles from a certain area. General Garden Pest Control.

Domestic Garden Applications: Simply place in a corner of the affected ‘keep out’ area (e.g newly planted flower bed). The unit is supplied with a ground mounting spike. Ensure the unit is provided with ample sunlight for the solar panel to re-charge the internal batteries. Point the unit in direction from which the digging Dogs or Cats will approach. Switch the unit ‘ON’, simple as that. If the soil is hard use a metal rod to first make a pilot hole (do not hammer on the plastic spike).

Principle of Operation: When the PIR sensor detects motion, the RED LED light will flash for 3 seconds and the ultrasonic signal will emit for 15sec. Following this, the repeller will return to standby mode. The ultrasonic speaker emits a tone inaudible to the human ear but chases away common outdoor pests like dogs, cats, rodents and more.


Sensor Type
PIR (Passive Infra Red)
Detection Range OF pir
Up to 5m / 16.4ft
Detection Angle
110 degrees
Ultrasonic Coverage Area
30 feet @ 1100 = 2425 square feet (+/-225m2)
Delay Out Time
Approx. 15sec
Power Supply
4*NiCD battery (included)
Power consumption
Standby = 0.8mAh, working = 15mAh
14.4*9.5*37cm / 5.7*3.7*14.6″ (L*W*H)
Net Weight0.26Kgs

Package Includes

1x Ultrasonic Repeller

1x Ground Spike (wall mount option on back of device)
2x Extension Tubes
1x User manual


Henrac Tech

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Weight0.4 kg

4 reviews for Animal Pest Repeller, Dual Ultrasonic Emitter, Solar Power, Outdoor

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    Please make the effort to leave us a review after purchase. Your effort will be much appreciated

  2. Tanja Gouws


  3. Tarryn Buchanan

    Great product.
    Only issue experienced was contact number never answered.

  4. Motshoanedi Lesejane

    Very easy to mount and extremely effective in detecting movements.

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